Cancer Care at Home

Cancer Care at Home

Experiencing severe trauma and conditions like cancer is one of the toughest things someone faces in life. If you or a beloved one is diagnosed with cancer and is in need of 24x7 assistance, Carehospy can make things easier by helping you at home. 
Here at Carehospy, we believe that everyone should receive the care and affection they need without leaving their own home. Because it's the home, they can be around their beloved ones and recover quickly in such a homely environment.

Get support and care at home for cancer patients from experts.

Our caregivers are trained to give you support for cancer patients, who may be affected by several forms of the illness. Caring for people with cancer can be tough and stressful for family members. Therefore, we make sure to do our best to support you and the patient. By embracing cancer care at home for your beloved one, you and your family can focus on spending quality time together without having the stress to stick around the patient. With our help, you can concentrate more of your time and energies on being a family.

Our attendants/nurses can provide support with the following:

  • Administering in medication
  • Low-grade medical assistance like supporting with bowel, stoma, and catheter care
  • Personal care including shower, changing clothes, or help in going to the toilet
  • Support post-chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and hormonal therapy
  • Ensuring safe movement around the home
  • Managing your hospital visits.
  • Help around the home and other health maintenance.
  • Acquaintances & Mental/emotional support

Our caregivers receive ongoing training to make sure they're completely equipped with all the knowledge and essential skills to provide a complete cancer care service.


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