New born Baby Care

New born Baby Care

Giving birth to a baby is the most enduring feeling in the orld. When you are blessed with a baby, you aspire to nurture them in the best possible way. Moreover, baby care is not an easy task, and if the mother and father are both working, it becomes more difficult to look after the baby.

Perhaps, mother and even the father can take few months off from their work to look after their baby, yet how long will they stay away rom their professional lives? Thus,in such conditions, hiring an attendant is the best option.

At Care Hospy, we ensure that the baby is raised most positively and healthily, the attendant of Care Hospy just does not furnish this service for the sake of providing  the service,but we genuinely care, respect, and believe in taking the best care of the  apple of your eye,i.e., your baby. We care. We play and nurture them in the best possible way. Our attendants are verified and certified, thus, completely safe for new born baby  care.

Works Done by the Attendant for Baby & Mother Care

  • Making the baby bath
  • Maintaining hygiene for the baby
  • Feeding them gently
  • Tracking on their feeds and burps
  • Making them sleep gently ensuring their body postures
  • Changing of the diapers and napkins
  • Massages to the baby and the mother
  • Lactation help the mother


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