Senior Citizen/ Elderly Care

Senior Citizen/ Elderly Care

Senior care, commonly known as elderly care, is when an elderly person needs proper care and support due to their vulnerable health status. By the time, people tend to grow older, hence requiring extra care and caution. When the elderly person suffers from diseases or disorders, it turns worst to take care of them.

Regardless of any situation, a senior always need someone to be around them to take the best care of them, and in the hustle of life, we often fail to look after our precious seniors at home. Therefore, when you are not taking care of your elders, you must hire attendants from proven healthcare service providers like us. Doing so will not only eases your roles and responsibility but will also provide the best care to your beloved seniors.

Care Hospy ensures to look after your precious elders with utmost dedication and
affection with proficient and effective attendant services. With our competent services, the attendants’ not just look fter the elder only at home but also adapt to taking them for a doctor’s visitor any other place, if needed.

Our Trained & Certified Attendants get You Covered with the following Assistance

  • Nutriment: Feeding the elders on time according to their health status.
  • Hygiene: Maintain complete cleanliness by making them shower, grooming them, keeping their bed, clothes, and surroundings neat and clean.
  • Medication: Gives them medicines on time, monitors their BP level, sugar level, and other vital monitoring.
  • Mobility: Help them in walking, exercises, therapies, sleeping, and any other physical activities.
  • Toileting: Assists in the fecal discharge, changing diapers, urinal etc.
  • Companionship: Mingles with elderly people like their own family member keeps them happy.


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