Tracheostomy Care

Tracheostomy Care

Nursing-led tracheostomy care from Carehospy is created to allow individuals who have undergone the procedure to handle their tracheostomies at home. We totally understand that it can take time to adapt to a tracheostomy tube. Regular eating, talking, walking, exercising, and keeping the tube clean and free of blockages can all be a little tough at first.

Hence, if you seek to get home care and have a tracheotomy, this can be a massive role. Also, there will be many questions that you, your family, friends, and your professional team will have. Here at Carehospy, we vision to answer all of these questions and concerns.

All care staff involved in airway management support will be delivered intensive tracheostomy training. Suppose the client/patient is on a mechanical ventilator. In that case, our caretaker will receive additional ventilator care and management training before commencing the work, making it certain that you can live your life safely at home.

The Carehospy's clinical team will perfectly deliver this. One of our specialist team members will help, support you and provide the service at home.


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